Best time to visit Shimla

Shimla is an evergreen hill station and tourists  from all around India and the world come here all twelve months. What is the best time to visit Shimla often comes to our mind when we are planning in advance to visit Shimla to enjoy the best of its nature.

Shimla has main two seasons the summer season and the winter season. These two are the peak seasons in Shimla. The third one is the monsoon season which is not that much popular.

Summer season in Shimla

This is the most popular season in Shimla as people arrive here in large numbers. Increase in visitors is also due to the summer vacations in schools throughout India. This season lasts from March to June. The weather is pleasant as compared to scorching heat in plains and is ideal for roaming and other outdoor activities. The temperature varies between 18 degrees and 30 degree Celsius with less humidity levels which is an ideal temperature for outdoor activities like river rafting,  jungle camping, sightseeing, trekking and hiking, jungle walks, horse rides etc. Sometimes nights become colder and you will have to carry a set of light woolens with you. Due to high tourist rust it is advisable to book hotel accommodation in advance in the season

Monsoon season in Shimla

This season lasts from July to September. This is the lean season as summer vacations are over in schools and people avoid travelling in the rainy season due to fear of bad roads and landslides. The temperature hovers around 15 degrees to 25 degrees with regular showers

Winter season in Shimla


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