Shoghi Railway Station

Shoghi Railway station is located on the Kalka Shimla heritage narrow gauge railway track of the Indian Railways. This station comes after the Kethlighat railway station while travelling from Kalka ( five kilometers). The next station towards Shimla is the Tara Devi railway station at a distance of  seven kilometers.  Shimla railway station is 18 kilometers from this place and the train takes more than an hour to reach there.

Shoghi Railway station code is SGS and the elevation of this point is 1833 meters.
Shoghi is not the stoppage point of all trains. The Kalka Shimla deluxe train, and the rail motor car has no stoppage at Shoghi either way.

The Himalayan Queen train does not stop here while coming from Kalka, but while going to Kalka from Shimla it has a stoppage at Shoghi.

All passenger trains stop at Shoghi

The following is the Shimla Kalka train timetable at Shoghi.

Shimla Kalka train Time table

Train No. Name From Departure Shoghi To Arrival
52456 Himalayan Queen Shimla 10:30 11:40 Kalka 16:10
52458 SML KLK Pass Shimla 14:25 15:25 Kalka 20:10
72452 Rail Motor Shimla 16:25 No stoppage Kalka 21:35
52452 Shivalik Deluxe Shimla 17:40 No stoppage Kalka 22:25
52454 SML KLK express Shimla 18:25 19:13 Kalka 23:20

Kalka Shimla train time table

Train No. Name From Departure Shoghi To Arrival
52456 Himalayan Queen Kalka 12:10 No stoppage Shimla 17:20
52457 SML KLK Pass Kalka 04:00 08:15 Shimla 09:20
72451 Rail Motor Kalka 05:10 No Stoppage Shimla 09:50
52452 Shivalik Deluxe Kalka 05:30 No Stoppage Shimla 10:15
52454 SML KLK express Kalka 06:00 09:59 Shimla 11:05

Sunrise Villa is 1.5 kilometers from Shoghi Railway station Pickup  / drop charges from Shoghi Railway station is Rs 150 by Indica car. If coming by Himalayan Queen train the nearest station is the Tara Devi railway station and pickup charges from there is Rs 200.

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