Tara Devi Temple, Shoghi Shimla

Situated 1851 meters above sea level, Tara Devi temple is situated on the Tara Devi Mountain between Shoghi and Shimla.

This is an important sight seeing tourist spot in Shimla also.

The location of the temple on the Hill top makes it appear that the goddess seems to keep everyone  under the protective gaze ,showering  innumerable  blessings on her worshippers From here one can get a panoramic view of Shimla and snow-clad Himalayan range on one side, with the other side revealing the plains at a far distance.

With the majestic forested mountains around, this place has high spiritual value that has a soothing and rejuvenating effect, being away from the din, noise, pollution, crowd and urban infrastructure.

The Tara Devi temple has a great spiritual and heritage value. The temple was built approximately 250 years ago.

The road connectivity of the temple from Shoghi recently has increased the devotees coming to this temple manifold. The road has also helped to boost up the construction and development activities at the temple. New langar halls, kitchens and other facilities for the devotees have been added at a fast pace. The langar is served every Sunday amnd yuesday and is generally offered by the devotees who have pledged to do so after fulfillment of their wishes.

There are two routes to go to this temple.

Mountain walk

The best way to appreciate the mountains in Shimla is by taking a scenic walk.

This is from Shimla end and the walk starts from Tara Devi station on the national highway 7 kms before Shimla. From this place one has to walk / trek about 4 kilometers to reach the temple. When out walking, it is recommended that you do not wander off the tracks and that you wear sensible, comfortable shoes or sneakers. The meandering foot path  to the temple is uphill, through the pinewoods and green meadows, accompanied by the chilly mild wind. Atmosphere of the hill rejuvenates the pilgrims and common tourists visiting this sacred temple.

Walk Grade

Easy to medium: May not be suitable for all ages, some steps and inclines; for people who walk occasionally. Distance about 4 kilometers

By road

The second one is from Shoghi 13 kilometers before Shimla on the national highway. The temple is about six kilometers from this place and is connected by road. If you do not want to trek to the temple this is the best option. Government buses and taxis are available to go to this place. The road to the temple is narrow and  inclined with lots of  U turns and it needs an expert driver to  drive the vehicle from Shoghi to Tara Devi temple.  Tourists with less experience of this kind are advised to avoid this drive themselves. The temple is about 200 meters from the parking near the temple

There is also a mountain walk route to go to the temple from Shoghi also, but the other route from Shimla end is much better compared to this.

Walk Grade

Hard: Steep steps and inclines; for people who walk regularly. Visitors with heart or respiratory problems should not attempt these walk. Distance 2.5 kilometers.

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