our honey moon trip to sunrise villa

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Name Mitul D. Chawhan
Email coindealer1@gmail.com
Subject Our Honeymoon Trip to Sunrise villa when in Shimla
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Message:This Place is just awesome to Stay, we were there for our Honeymoon, the Servant came to receive at the Station and we reached the Hotel Safely and to our surprise this Homestay unit of Himachal Tourism ” Sunrise Villa ” was better than any Star hotels of Shimla, in the Outskirts of Shimla , nice quit serene with Nature and a perfect place as we wanted for our Honeymoon, Just 5 Minutes Away from the Market, truly an amazing place to stay and spend wonderful Holidays.

We will never forget this place.Mr. Romesh Aggarwal the Owner is just so Helpful that everything gets very easy. We are again looking to come back to this place very soon but this time with Family and hope to get the same treatment.

And yes don’t forget to Eat the Maggie cooked by their Servants, it was quit different and very very tasty we cannot forget the taste till now. Food is best and Cheap.

I would recommend this Place to stay rather than staying at the Shimla Concrete Jungle Poor Service Hotels.


Mitul D. Chawhan & Prerna M. Chawhan

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